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Professor Jules Schreiber made it his goal to build a time machine and save his father’s life. Now he is at Woodstock with the chance of a lifetime…

Jimmy Lee is a small town policeman in Bethel, New York. The biggest names in music are playing Woodstock, so why is he following two mysterious strangers around?

Two worlds collide in a time of peace and love in the sequel to Outatime!

‘Schreiber had never been one for romanticising events or moments in time. He was a man of science after all, and he tried not to let his rational thinking be overpowered by sentimental feelings, but he had to admit to himself that there was something so wonderful about the atmosphere around him. There seemed to a calm buzz in the air, as if somehow the planets were all in the right place and hearts were too, and at that singular moment in time, everything was OK.

Rachel O’ Connor is crazy about Shakespeare and Europe, and has always dreamed of a European vacation; when a time machine is created at the laboratory where her husband Ken works, he thinks he has found the ideal way to help his wife: Europe and Shakespeare in one go. Unfortunately, Ken doesn’t know the foul plans being plotted in 1605, as the family get caught up in the most explosive vacation in history.
Two weeks in the past for a family Outatime!

Then if I do not help you I would think of myself not as a man but as a black-hearted demon. Love is the law by which life is governed and I do not wish to be the cruellest of monsters that denies a man what his heart doth truly desires.

The Life and Times… is a collection of short stories, poetry and illustrations, looking at life and love, time and mortality with stories ranging from the alternate life of a dying man, to a mini-sequel to Outatime.

If we can learn to love under an electric sky,
And tango in the sea,
We can dance,
And we can sing.
So, for you and me,
For the world around us.
For a revolution.
Let us dance.

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